Available on Apple's App Store LoKast: Powered by Nearverse

What is LoKast?

  • LoKast lets users message, share rich media, and enjoy better experiences around activities, events, and other settings, using their smartphones and tablets.
  • Users can connect in Spaces, group mediums started around specific activities or events, or 1-on-1.
  • Users can message and share photos, videos, contacts, music, or web links, all in real-time, with all the others in a Space (in the Forum tab) or 1-on-1. Users can also easily cross-post each message to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Users can discover who are the other users in a Space, view their profile, and then message and share with them 1-on-1.
  • Using the Experience functionality in a Space, group hosts can publish special content and promotions, and in the future use real-time interactive tools with the users in a Space, all around the then-and-there context of the Space activity, event, or other setting.
  • Everything on LoKast is instant – we pride ourselves in powering a 100% real-time interactive experience.
  • Users can be invited to Spaces or to 1-on-1 sessions, or users can discover Spaces when they are geographically in their proximity.
    LoKast helps users connect around activities, events, and other settings, in an interactive real-time manner like never before.

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