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Real-Time Interactive Internet on Mobile

We’ve built our technology architecture to support a 100% real-time interactive environment on mobile and to best accommodate all of the rich functionality required in LoKast. Our tech platform delivers near instant messaging, very fast delivery of any rich media, and real-time presence and eventing on the one hand, and controls for granular privacy administration, moderation, and real-time publishing on the other, assuring an environment that’s as “live” for users in LoKast, as it is for them around activities, events, and other settings.

We’ve also built a powerful proximity-over-IP component to our system, which optimizes our performance in physically proximate settings. Our system unifies cloud based Internet technology with device-to-device technology like Qualcomm’s AllJoyn in one system. Integrating device-to-device technology, we’ve shown capability to produce 5-10x faster content delivery and 5-10x more precise location ID detection, in proximity settings.

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