Available on Apple's App Store LoKast: Powered by Nearverse


Constantly socializing and running social events, and have now worked LoKast into your arsenal to become a true LoKast “power-host”?


A retail business, venue, entertainment event promoter, live performer, or networking conference organizer?


A brand or product owner looking to get more involved with LoKast to co-promote in places where your customers frequent?


Want to build to LoKast’s API and help us bring the most feature rich experiences to every LoKast space? Or an app developer that wants to integrate LoKast within your power app for proximity?

Inquire about our premium service, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Meanwhile, rest assured that we are working around the clock to bring you the right functionality to take full advantage of LoKast in a truly transformative way!

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