Available on Apple's App Store LoKast: Powered by Nearverse

LoKast “Your Way”

  • The LoKast Service can be easily integrated right inside your app, so your users can use each of the key LoKast capabilities as extensions of how they use your app.
  • The LoKast app provides a unified dashboard where users can access all of their LoKast interactions within your app, side-by-side with all of their other LoKast interactions, without missing a beat.

LoKast Control Suite

  • Our web dashboard offers you advanced controls and analytics to manage when and how you use LoKast within your app.
  • Powerful API and customization interfaces allow you to activate each of the controls and provision LoKast Spaces or 1-on-1 sessions, programmatically, right from within your app.

Managed Cloud Service

  • LoKast is configured as a managed cloud service, using a best-in-class real-time architecture combined with innovative messaging, media and content distribution, and discovery mechanisms.
  • Advanced interactive layer powers all of the essential LoKast capabilities from rich media support, contextual user discovery, real-time messaging and publishing, to persistent storage and analytics.

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