Available on Apple's App Store LoKast: Powered by Nearverse

The basics

  • You can use the LoKast app to message and share rich media 1-on-1, or start Spaces around activities, events, or other settings, for truly interactive experiences.
  • The LoKast app supports an extensive range of interactive capability, group controls, and also real-time geolocation tools for in-location presence and discovery.

Using Spaces

  • The person that starts a Space (host) automatically gets to control how the Space is discovered, who is invited to the Space, and what is permitted in the Space.
  • Hosts can make Spaces visible – user can discover Spaces that are visible, if the users are within 1,000 feet of the Space, and can easily join in.
  • Visible Spaces can be either Public or Private – anyone can freely join Public Spaces if they are within 1,000 feet of the Space, but with a Private Space, the user has to request to join and the host of the Space can approve who joins.
  • If the Spaces are not visible, they are Invite Only – the host of the Space can invite users to the Space and only the invited users can join in.
  • Hosts can set the settings for the Space, including picking the name, type, status, and icon for the Space, and controlling who gets to invite others or start Experiences in the Space.
  • Hosts can also tune-out or ban users from a Space, in order to control participation and moderate Space activity.

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