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Intended Use and Conduct

  • LoKast aims to give you a similar level of control over interactions on LoKast, as you expect in your physical settings.
  • Remember to be courteous and respectful and be mindful of your personal conduct on LoKast the same way you expect others to be mindful of theirs in the physical world.
  • Learn to use the simple tools that we’ve built-in to manage your privacy and interactions, and we hope you enjoy your experience!

Personal Visibility

  • Letting you manage how and when others can see you, is our utmost concern.
  • Matched to your physical life – when you are visible Here on LoKast, others within 1,000 feet of you can see you and you can see them. We’ll continue to aim to match how and by whom you are visible on LoKast, to how and by whom you are visible in the physical world.
  • You stay in control – when you set your visibility to “not visible Here”, others won’t see you in Here (although you won’t see them either).

Personal Privacy

  • Controls over personal interactions are equally critical.
  • On LoKast, you can elevate relationships that matter more to Contacts, leave the majority of casual encounters as just those, and block users that you’d rather not be able to reach you, or ever see you when you are visible Here.
  • 1 to 1 conversations are 100% personal to the two of you – no one else can access those conversations.

Space Visibility and Privacy

  • Spaces are also configured for full visibility and privacy controls – Public, Private, and Invite Only.
  • Public spaces are visible Here and accessible by anyone that wants to join in, Private spaces require the space host’s approval, while Invite Only spaces are just that.
  • Conversations in spaces are accessible by all others that have joined those spaces, but are not accessible by anyone else.

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