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Instant Social Network… Right Where You Are!

  • With a friend or someone you just met, and want to swap photos, a contact card, or check out videos, side-by-side?
  • Want to connect with someone you see across from you, or find who else is here?
  • Instantly discover and connect with others, right where you are, on LoKast.

Digital Spaces for Physical Places

  • You live by moving around from place to place and socializing there. Now wherever you go, you also have a digital space there.
  • At a social event or on a evening out and want to have a better shared experience with your friends and family?
  • At a bar, a sports game, or a music concert, and want to see what others are talking about, meet like-minded others, and get more out of your experience?
  • At a networking event, and want to find others there to connect and better digest all the hubbub?
  • Get more from each physical place, on LoKast.

Physical Life. Digitally Connected.

  • Used to grabbing phone numbers, Following on Twitter, or Friending on Facebook to stay in touch?
  • Now you can connect with everyone you meet, and then stay in touch afterwards, on LoKast. ¬†And once you are ready to get more serious, then do the phone number / Twitter / Facebook thing.
  • Connect your physical life, on LoKast.

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