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35th Birthday Bash

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So we kicked off the LoKast 3.0 era a couple of weeks ago, and it’s already been an incredibly exhilarating experience. We’ve shown LoKast to hundreds of social influencers, small businesses and event planners, regular users at social events, and retailers. It’s hard to explain how rewarding of an experience it is to see people fully understand the value of a product and get noticeably excited about its implications to their life.

Well, coincidental to the launch, I happened to turn 35 this past week. And of course, what better way to celebrate a birthday and a product launch, than to have the product fit the birthday party like a glove. So we did just that – my birthday on LoKast. The birthday took place at Spin NYC – a ping pong club (apparently the new in-thing), with my closest 40 or so friends in the area.


I started my birthday “space” on LoKast early that morning – “Boris’s BDay Bash”. I invited a few friends in as a pre-cursor, and also shared some pictures of the friends that were supposed to be coming to the party – this helped set up the context for all others. As we got closer to the time of the party, the friends that already joined (5-10), started chiming in – on coordinating, “cake” logistics, and a few early toasts.


Once I got to Spin NYC, I made the Boris’s BDay Bash space visible – that basically just makes a space visible only for the people inside of Spin NYC – and it instantly appeared in the Here tab of the LoKast app. As other friends arrived, they just opened up LoKast and hopped in. Even neater was that significant others of friends, and friends of friends that came with them to the party (whose addresses I don’t have), opened up LoKast and joined the space just as easily. Before I knew it, there were 25 people in Boris BDay Bash. And I also made the space private – so whenever someone tried to join, I received a notification, and approved them if they were with our party. This helped keep what happened inside just to our group.


The rest was history in the making. People were talking and hanging out as a group. Many took various pictures of the event. Others shared some funny videos that were related. We did a bunch of toasts – some in video and others that were annotated and photographed. The “smart alecs” in the room took to writing down the best quotes of the night, taking photos of the most “memorable” moments, and making “clever” observations about others who were moving one drink too fast. After some initial time, people also started talking 1-on-1 with others in Boris’s BDay Bash. Next morning I woke up and thanked everyone for coming to the party. Some others also chimed in re: “missed opportunities” from the night before.

LoKast did its job to the tee – not replace the physical world interactions, but add that extra level of coordination, flavor, and convenience, that makes a world of difference. And when we looked over the event a step further, we also realized – we only hit the tip of the iceberg as far as how people used the app. We realized that looking back over the flow of interactions, people were just starting to learn how they could use the product and what they could use it for. I can’t wait to see how LoKast will be used, and how its use will start evolving over time as users learn the full power of the platform.

Thanks to all my friends and family for helping me celebrate my 35th birthday in style, and for sharing with me in this first instance of our proximity Internet future, on LoKast! Today I am a very happy person!


Boris Bogatin

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  1. Monish says:

    Sounds like a blast!

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